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Top Ten Health Topics

According to the National College Health Assessment (spring 2013 survey), college students nationally reported the following factors affected their individual academic performance over the preceding 12 months. Follow links to learn more.
  1. Stress - 30%
  2. Sleep Difficulties - 21%
  3. Anxiety - 20%
  4. Cold, Flu, Sore Throat - 16%
  5. Work - 15%
  6. Depression - 13%
  7. Internet Use/Computer Games 13%
  8. Concern for a Troubled Friend or Family Member - 11% (links to Helping a Friend)
  9. Relationship Difficulties - 10%
  10. Participation in Extracurricular Activities - 9%

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Here you can learn about alcohol and other drug-related health concerns, educational initiatives, environmental strategies plus collaborative efforts between the U-M campus and Ann Arbor community.
Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention:  Our programs work to reduce harmful consequences of alcohol and other drug use, in order to support students in achieving their personal and academic potential.
Programs and Services for Alcohol and Other Drugs: U-M students have access to multiple resources on alcohol and other drugs, many of them free.
Campaigns and Print Materials for Alcohol and Other Drugs: Learn about campus-wide media campaigns and resources that identify misperceptions about alcohol and other drug behaviors of U-M students.  The goal of these campaigns and resources is to help students minimize negative consequences and enhance their college experience by making informed decisions.
  • Stay in the Blue: Staying in the Blue can help you get what you want while avoiding the stuff you don't want.
Community Partners for Alcohol and Other Drug PreventionOur community partners work with us to address the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs, share resources and provide support to those in recovery.
Information about Alcohol and Other Drugs: Learn about the effects of alcohol and other drugs, from UHS and other reliable resources.
Resources for Alcohol and Other Drugs:  Check out the many available resources, on- and off-campus. Or call us to help you navigate resources: 734-763-1320.

Healthy Eating and Body Image

Developing a healthy relationship with food and our bodies is a key component of achieving overall wellness. It is hard to feel good about ourselves or our contributions in the world when we have a troubled relationship with the way we eat or the way we look. If you would like to learn more, explore these links for information and resources.
On this page:

Infectious Mononucleosis

What is mono? Infectious mononucleosis (also known as "mono" or the "kissing disease") is a fairly common viral disease that usually affects adolescents and young adults, including college students. The infection is typically caused by the Epstein-Barr virus but may be caused by other related viruses.
Many college students have already developed immunity or resistance by the time they reach college age. Once you have had mono it is unlikely that you will ever get it again.

Symptoms usually appear 20-50 days after infection. The severity of symptoms varies greatly between individuals. Symptoms may be so mild that one can have mono without knowing it. In other cases, symptoms may be severe enough to require hospitalization. Common symptoms include:
  • Severe sore throat, which is almost always present and lasts about 6-10 days. The throat may be very red, with white spots or pus on the tonsils.
  • Fever of 100-103° F (37.8-39.4° C), which is usually worst during the first week and seems to worsen at night.
  • Swollen, tender glands (lymph nodes) in the neck, lasting up to one month after you are feeling well.
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Diagnosis: If you have any symptoms and are concerned that you may have mono, you should visit a clinician. See Schedule an Appointment.
  • The clinician will perform a physical exam, including throat and glands. Because mono symptoms are similar to those of other infections, the clinician will try to determine whether your symptoms are those of mono, strep throat or another viral infection. The clinician may swab the back of your throat.
  • If streptococcus (strep) is present, you will be treated with an antibiotic.
  • If streptococcus is not present and your symptoms continue for 7-10 days, you should return to your clinician for possible further testing.
  • Blood tests for mono measure antibodies to the virus and therefore are not usually positive until symptoms have been present for one week or more.

Treatment: Like the common cold, mono is a viral infection with no cure. Antibiotics do not work as a treatment for mono.
You can follow these self-care measures to feel better.
Gargle: To remove pus from the tonsils and reduce throat pain, gargle with one teaspoon of salt (or baking soda) dissolved in a glass of very warm water. You can purchase non-prescription medications like Chloraseptic gargle or lozenges, or your clinician may write a prescription for gargles that reduce throat pain and make swallowing easier.
Apply a heating pad or a warm washcloth to swollen neck glands to help relieve tenderness.
Take medication: For fever, sore throat, head and body aches, ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve), available without prescription. Follow directions on packaging. Avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol) because of possible liver inflammation that is sometimes associated with mono.
In addition, you need to take special care of yourself during recovery.
Refrain from vigorous activities: Because mono affects the entire lymph system, including the spleen (located under your left lower rib cage), avoid vigorous activities such as football, soccer or running. Do not play contact sports until at least two weeks after symptoms resolve. You can do mild exercises such as walking or swimming, as long as the activity doesn't increase fatigue.
Rest at least eight hours per night: Attend classes if you feel able, but plan to rest often.
Eat small amounts of food frequently, especially if your appetite is decreased. Milkshakes (or supplement drinks such as Boost or Ensure) between meals are a good addition, as are snacks of peanut butter, eggs and cheese. If you have a sore throat, blend foods or eat them with liquid to make them easier to swallow.
Drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids to avoid dehydration.
Avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs not prescribed by your clinician for at least six weeks, because of possible liver inflammation.
You will probably feel most symptoms for the first two weeks of the infection. After this time you should gradually improve, but expect your energy level to be reduced longer. The recovery process varies from person to person, so base your activities and check-ups on how you feel.

Prevention: Mono is usually spread by close contact from one person to another, hence the name "kissing disease." The infection is not highly contagious and does not usually spread to roommates. As a precaution, you should avoid sharing drinking glasses and kissing until your sore throat and other symptoms have disappeared for several (4-6) weeks. Be sure to cover coughs and sneezes, and wash your hands thoroughly and often.

Further information:
To use UHS, see Schedule an Appointment -- Appointments are required for most medical services, although options are available for urgent problems
Nurse Advice by Phone is available day and night, which may save a trip to UHS or the ER.
For more on mono, see Medline Plus .

Resources for Sexual Health

Please visit our new Sexual Health page! 
The following resources are provided to help you become better informed, however UHS does not endorse content.
On this page:

Condoms and other products for safer sex:
Free condoms and safer sex items are available to U-M students at UHS Wolverine Wellness (suite 2110, second floor).
All latex condoms sold in the U.S. (other than "novelty condoms"), including all condoms available at UHS, are medical devices that are regulated by the FDA. All brands of condoms are subject to stringent quality standards, and research shows that they are equally effective in preventing pregnancy and STI/HIV. 
UHS Pharmacy sells condoms and other safer sex products. Discount coupons for safer sex products are available at the Pharmacy counter or at UHS Wolverine Wellness (suite 2110, second floor).
Safe Sex Store carries a wide variety of condoms and other products.
Larger quantities of latex condoms are available to Resident Advisors and Student Organization leaders through the Wolverine Wellness Condom Grant. Please call 734-647-4659 for more information.

General sexual health:
Afraid to Ask?
Sexual health topics such as STDs, birth control, abstinence, and understanding male and female reproductive systems.
An informal, youth-focused sexual information site with candid sex education materials.
Sexuality and You
A Canadian website that takes a comprehensive look at sexuality.

Planned Parenthood's youth oriented sexual health information site. In English and Spanish, information about relationships and dating, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections.
A site dedicated to healthy sexuality and its positive expression.
The Kinsey Institute
Pioneer researcher Alfred Kinsey's work on human sexual behavior continues here.
Guttmacher Institute
A wealth of information about sex from one of the premier sexual and reproductive health research and policy institutions in the U.S.

Contraceptive choices:
UHS Women's Health Clinic
How to get contraception and other women's health services at UHS, plus a web tutorial to learn about your contraceptive options.
UHS Online Contraception Education Program
Learn about contraception through testimonials, videos and descriptions.
Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan
3100 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Clinical services including STD and HIV testing, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and options counseling. See also Birth Control. provides information on birth control methods, e-mail or text birth control reminders, testimonials and more.
University of Illinois: McKinley Health Center
Online contraception education "class."
Method Match is an interactive program to help you select a method, from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.
Managing Contraception describes contraceptives and other reproductive choices for women.

Emergency contraception (EC, Plan B):
UHS Emergency Contraception
How to get emergency contraception and women's health services at UHS.
Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan
3100 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Clinical services including STD and HIV testing, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and options counseling. 
An information source about emergency contraception, with links to local (Ann Arbor) providers. Maintained by Princeton University.

HIV/AIDS and testing:
UHS HIV Antibody Testing
How to get HIV testing at UHS.
Other HIV testing sites:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention phone numbers:
  • English 800-232-4636
  • Spanish 800-344-7432
  • TTY for the hearing and speech impaired 800-243-7889
UM Health System HIV/AIDS Treatment Program :  Case management, medical specialists, social services, links to HIV resources.
AIDS Info  is a service of the US Department of Health and Human Services which provides information on federally approved HIV treatment.
AIDS Partnership Michigan  Statewide information about resources, care, local activities and links to other resources.
American Social Health Association  provides information STD/HIV.
AVERT  An UK-based organization that provides information and resources in the fight against HIV.
CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention  Frequently asked questions, up to date information, testing resources, hoaxes and rumors.  Exceptional site to get accurate information.
CDC National Prevention Information Network  HIV, STD and TB information site.
Gay Men's Health Crisis  A New York City organization that was among the first to organize to fight against HIV.
HIVInsite  is a "gateway to AIDS knowledge" maintained by the University of California at San Francisco.
The Body  HIV/AIDS information site. Covers basics for those newly diagnosed. Provides treatment options, quality of life and information about policy and activism.

HPV and vaccination:
UHS HPV and Vaccination
Vaccination for human papilloma virus (HPV) is now available.

Men's health:
University Health Service
UHS provides clinical services for men, such as assessment for sexually transmitted infections. Click link to learn options for visiting.
Men's Health Network
Non-profit educational organization committed to improving the health and wellness of men.

Pregnancy, testing and options:
UHS Pregnancy Testing
Learn how to get pregnancy testing and options counseling at UHS.
Pregnancy Resources
ArborWeb lists local resources.

Sexual assault / domestic violence:
UM Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center
Campus resource for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. 24-hour crisis line: 734-963-3333
UM Counseling and Psychological Services
Free, confidential services for UM students.
SafeHouse Center
Free and confidential services for any person victimized by abuse and who lives or works in Washtenaw County. Programs include counseling, court accompaniment, information and referrals, emergency shelter and personal advocacy.
For Men Only: For Male Survivors of Sexual Assault (PDF)
Information and support for men who have been sexually assaulted.
Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Michigan policy, information, and resource links to statistics and local help.
National Institute of Justice: Sexual Victimization of College Women
Outlines two recent surveys and their results about the sexual victimization of women on US college campuses.
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Informative website with statistics and general information.
Rape Abuse and Incest National Network
Information and link to statistics about sexual assault. Advice on how to help a friend who has been assaulted.
UCLA Medical Center Rape Treatment Center
Information and statistics about the impact of rape, date rape drugs, what to do if you are assaulted.
Sexual Assault and Rape (Brown University)
Comprehensive link to resources about sexual assault including: what to do if assaulted, consent, the medical exam, advice to men, sexual harassment and dating violence.

Sexual decision-making:
It's Your (Sex) Life Guide
This is a MTV-sponsored website that provides a comprehensive look at the decisions and choices that you face about sex: contraception, abstinence, STDs and how to talk to your partner.
Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Informative website that helps young adults communicate what they need/want from partners.
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US
Information, advocacy, education resources, talking to parents, partners, generally increasing awareness.
Smarter Sex
A great resource geared toward college students for their sexual health concerns.
University of Georgia Sexual Health Site
Provides information about choices and communication.

Sexual difficulties:
University Health Service
Physical exams can help rule out physical problems.
Men, see Schedule an Appointment
Women, see Women's Health Clinic
UM Counseling and Psychological Services
Free, confidential counseling for UM students. You can talk with a caring professional about sexual difficulties and concerns.
UM Health System Sexual Health Counseling Services
Excellent local resource. Fees for services, covered by some insurance plans.
Go Ask Alice!
Informative website that allows you to search the archives for answers to sexual dysfunction questions.

Sexual transmitted infections:
UHS STI Assessment
How to get assessed for sexually transmitted infections at UHS.
Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan
3100 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Clinical services including STD and HIV testing, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and options counseling.
Washtenaw County Health Department
555 Towner Blvd., Suite 121, Ypsilanti, MI 48198
STD and HIV testing
Herpes Support Group - Washtenaw County HELP
Local support group (meets in Ypsilanti) for people living with genital herpes, including support, information and guest speakers.
National STD/HIV Hotlines:
  • English 800-342-2437
  • Spanish 800-344-7432
  • TTY for the hearing and speech impaired 800-243-7889
American Social Health Association
Information about STIs, transmission, prevention, symptoms, treatment options, how to talk to partners, online support groups.
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Fact sheets for symptom and treatment plus links to other sites.
Harvard Medical School-sponsored website that includes STI information, safer sex, talking to partners.
The Original Herpes Homepage
Information, discussion forums for newly diagnosed and those coping with herpes, treatment options, and HPV links.
A commercial site by Famvir, a herpes suppression therapy drug. Information on talking to your doctor, partners, living with herpes and what to do after a diagnosis. Remember, it is a commercial site and they are selling a product.

Women's health (gynecology):
UHS Women's Health Clinic
Provides a full range of women's health care services, including Routine Women's Health Exams, contraception, and diagnosis and treatment for a full range of women's health concerns.
Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan
3100 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Clinical services including STD and HIV testing, contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and options counseling.
Planned Parenthood
Brief reproductive health lessons, including “How Pregnancy Happens,” “The Menstrual Cycle” and more

Got questions?
All members of the U-M community are welcome to contact Laura McAndrew, MPH, Sexual Health Educator with questions at or 734-647-4659.
Go Ask Alice!
Health question and answer service by the Health Promotion Program at Health Services, Columbia University.
Afraid To Ask?
"In-depth information and graphic photographs that will give you a better understanding of highly personal health issues."


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